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Cooler Master Cosmos II

The Cosmos II is big and beautiful. You'll need to put aside AU$369 and a lot of floor space — but, if you can afford both, you'll never regret it.

By 13 August 2012

4 stars Editors' rating 13 August 2012

Typical price: $369.00


Neil DeGrasse Tyson: US need not lose its edge in science

The famed astrophysicist says there's a reason some chemical elements are named for places in the US -- and that we don't have to leave those glory days in the past.

By 20 June 2014


New titleholders to vye for crown of fastest spacecraft ever

Upcoming NASA missions clock in at 160,000 miles per hour and 450,000 mph, respectively.

By 26 February 2013


How to build your first PC

While there are plenty of off-the-shelf solutions that you can buy, you'll get the most reward by getting down and dirty and building your own PC. Here's a rundown of what you'll need to do.

By 25 October 2012


After 35 years, SETI celebrates its most-famous alien hunter

Jill Tarter, who was the inspiration for Jodie Foster's character in "Contact," will lead the SETI Institute's fundraising. She talked to CNET about the alien hunt, and what she'd say to them.

By 22 May 2012


How young is too young for a cellphone or smartphone?

Ask Maggie offers advice on when children should get their first cellphone and when parents should consider buying a smartphone.

By 30 November 2011


Dialed In #184: We're moving!

This week, we introduce a new podcast day, rant about cell phone series and fragmentation, and debate the merits of the LG Thrill 4G.

By 28 July 2011


Dialed In 182: Goodbye, unlimited data

Another week, another carrier gets rid of its unlimited data plan. This time it's Virgin Mobile. Plus, RIM's co-CEOS have six months to turn the company around; can they do it? We discuss these topics and more on this week's podcast.

By 14 July 2011


The 411: Data plan conundrum

Every two weeks, CNET editor Nicole Lee answers your questions about cell phones and cell phone accessories in The 411.

By 3 August 2010


Dialed In 122: Microsoft gets social (podcast)

CNET's cell phone editors finally get a chance to sit down and reflect on this week's announcements from Apple and Microsoft. Did we get everything we wanted from iPhone OS 4? And just who is the Kin One and Two for? We try to answer these questions and more on this week's episode of Dialed In.

By 15 April 2010