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Cool! CreoPop 3D-printing pen doesn't use hot plastic

The secret to the cool temperatures of the soon-to-be-crowdfunded CreoPop 3D-printing pen is a special type of resin that hardens with UV light.

By 6 June 2014


Origami unfolds a new world of shape-shifting electronics

Researchers are using the geometry of paper folding to come up with futuristic antennas that can retract and compress.

By 22 May 2014


AgIC lets you print circuits with an inkjet

A project seeking funding on Kickstarter will allow you to print electrical circuit boards on paper using an inkjet printer.

By 6 March 2014


Rollerball pen can draw circuits

The Circuit Scribe is a biro-style pen filled with conductive silver ink so that you can scribble circuits anywhere.

By 25 November 2013


Researchers 3D-print a fully functional loudspeaker

A team from Cornell University has managed to 3D-print an entire speaker -- coils, magnets, and all.

By 18 December 2013


Conductive paint turns art electrical

A non-toxic paint, which can be applied to almost any surface, conducts electricity for creative projects.

By 27 May 2013


Blinklifier: Bat eyelashes, activate display

Not getting enough attention? Blinklifier is an eye-grabbing wearable computer that lights up your winks.

By 23 August 2012


New wallpaper keeps Wi-Fi networks secure

French researchers have created a new type of wallpaper that blocks Wi-Fi signals.

By 30 May 2012


DIY: the two-minute stylus

Gather a few cheap materials at home, and in less than two minutes, make a stylus that works with your phone or tablet.

By 19 March 2012


DIY: The 2-minute Stylus

Gather a few cheap materials at home and in less than 2 minutes, make a stylus that works with your phone or tablet.

By 17 March 2012