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Metal-framed Galaxy Alpha is toughest Galaxy yet, says Samsung

Take a peek behind-the-scenes with a glimpse of the production process for the new mid-range Galaxy Alpha.

By 22 August 2014


See what it's like to wear Google Glass

Hoping to carve out a new type of personal computing, Google has shown off how to use its computerised eyewear to search, navigate, chat and take photos.

By 21 February 2013


Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson crash Google in The Internship

Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson are feeling lucky in the first trailer for Google-based comedy The Internship.

By 15 February 2013


Siri was meant for Android phones until Apple stepped in

Siri was born in the military and was supposed to be built into Android phones -- until Apple flashed the cash.

By 24 January 2013


Crave review: Avatar

Avatar is James Cameron's latest opus, a 3D sci-fi extravaganza 10 years and $300m in the making. We don our 3D glasses to see if it's the future of film or full of fail

By 17 December 2009


Top ten most remote tech locations on Earth

There's scarcely a nook or cranny of our planet that isn't home to some flavour of computerised gizmo. Here's our guide to the IT at the edges of the world

By 15 November 2009


IBM voice ace: Kindle no threat to audio books

Andy Aaron, the IBM expert quoted by the Authors Guild to prove Amazon's e-book reader could hurt audio sales, says text-to-speech tech is actually a long way from competing with humans.

By 26 February 2009


Crave Podcast 86: Microsoft offers free money!

Welcome, friends, to the 86th episode of the Crave Podcast. This week hottest tech news includes Microsoft paying customers to use its Live Search Engine

By 23 May 2008


Samsung responds to 100Hz Motion Plus issues

The latest 'buzz word' for flat-screen television is 100Hz, but with some users experiencing problems, is it all that it's cracked up to be?

By 20 March 2008


Photos: The history of the digital camera

From theoretical beginnings in space travel to a toaster-sized prototype to today's multi-megapixel monsters, the digital camera has come a long way. We present photos of some of the milestones along the way.

By 2 November 2007