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CommBank expands "mobile wallet agenda" with Cardless Cash

Commonwealth Bank is expanding its mobile app with Cardless Cash, allowing customers to withdraw from a CommBank ATM without a card.

By 30 April 2014


Have Australian websites staunched "catastrophic" Heartbleed risk?

Internet security experts spent yesterday raising the alarm about Heartbleed. But where do Australian websites stand?

By 10 April 2014


Commonwealth Bank app launches NFC payments

The Commonwealth Bank app has finally launched contactless NFC PayPass payments — but there's a catch.

By 13 December 2013


Commonwealth Bank to deliver true NFC tap payments

Across a number of improvements, the Commonwealth Bank's latest app update includes full NFC contactless payment integration to finally let customers turn their smartphones into digital wallets.

By 17 October 2013


How MasterCard plans to transform mobile purchases

The head of MasterCard's emerging payments business talks to CNET about its MasterPass initiative, mobile payments, and beyond.

By 25 February 2013


Google Apps reseller Cloud Sherpas raises $40M

The start-up, which helps companies move to cloud services like Google Apps and Salesforce.com, also acquired CloudTrigger -- its eighth but not last buy.

By 21 December 2012


Report: Apple in talks with Microlatch on fingerprint tech

Reports suggest that Apple may be working with Australian firm Microlatch to incorporate fingerprint technology into mobile payment systems.

By 4 October 2012


If Apple makes NFC its next revolution

What could Apple do to make NFC its own? Would it just add a few tricks? Or could it go as far as replacing your bank altogether?

By 22 August 2012


CommBank Kaching coming to Facebook

The Commonwealth Bank today announced that it will be bringing its Kaching banking app to Facebook.

By 5 July 2012


No, Facebook doesn't want to be your online bank. Not yet

One day Facebook may decide the time is ripe for a move into the world of financial transactions; for now, it's just a PowerPoint slide.

By 12 July 2012