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How to send a text message via command line in OS X

You can send text messages to anyone using Terminal.

By 20 March 2014


Install command line developer tools in OS X

If you need access to programming tools on your Mac, there are several ways to go about installing them.

By 21 February 2014


How to encrypt a file from the OS X command line

OS X supports encrypting files from the command line, if you need to do so by logging in remotely.

By 13 August 2013


How to adjust network settings in OS X via the command line

In addition to using the system preferences, you can adjust Wi-Fi network configuration in OS X via Terminal.

By 31 January 2013


How to manage OS X Gatekeeper from the command line

Apple provides three basic settings for Gatekeeper in OS X Mountain Lion, but you can manage this service in finer detail if needed.

By 12 January 2013


How to apply OS X software updates from the command line

In addition to the Mac App Store, you can use the Terminal to access and install available software updates.

By 20 September 2012


How to disable automatic log-in via the command line in OS X

While the use of system preferences is an easy option, this setting can be scripted for quick reversion either manually or by scheduling.

By 9 June 2012


Command-line screenshot tweaks for Mac OS X

If a PNG screenshot being dropped on your desktop is less than ideal, this is the tip for you.

By 26 April 2012


Disabling Java via the command line in OS X is not easy

Disabling Java in OS X requires doing so for each user account; however, even terminal commands for doing this may be a bit impractical to use as a substitute.

By 13 April 2012


Google like it's 1981 with command-line tool

It's not for everyone, but for the technically sophisticated, Google now offers command-line controls for several services.

By 19 June 2010