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Exposure: David Collier

Discover underwater artistic photography through David Collier's lens.

18 Images By 5 September 2012


Exposure: David Collier

7 August 2012


Intel reveals MICA, its first luxury smart bracelet

The bracelet, with a sapphire display and semiprecious gems, was made for the high-end women's accessory market and will be sold at luxury retailer Barneys New York.

By 4 September 2014


Ingress adds a traditional twist to its augmented-reality MMO

Players of the augmented-reality title have long had the pleasure of experiencing its unique take on smartphone gaming. Now, Ingress is bringing some more traditional elements into the mix.

By 14 September 2013


What's growing at the bottom of Crater Lake?

Scientists are setting out this month to answer some questions concerning the large growth of moss at the bottom of Crater Lake in Oregon. CNET News.com's Vincent Tremblay reports that a remotely operated vehicle system will be used to gather video footage, as well as test samples, to determine how this natural community fits into the lake's ecosystem. The research is being carried out by representatives of Oregon State University, the National Park Service, USGS and Southern Oregon University.


Material contributed by Robert Collier, College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State University:

2 November 2007


The 404 1,272: Where Tumblr takes the cake (podcast)

Justin's back from a sabbatical harvesting McNuggets and McSalad Shakers, Nintendo takes money from fan, a politician goes to Facebook school, and Yahoo buys Tumblr for $1.1 billion almost exactly five years after CEO David Karp appeared on The 404.

By 21 May 2013


Rackspace goes open source with cloud platform

New OpenStack project aims to make cloud infrastructure as ubiquitous as the Apache Web server.

By 19 July 2010


Disney buys kids' social network Togetherville

Unlike Disney property Club Penguin, this one's not about avatars and virtual worlds but about the child's real identity, as in Facebook.

By 25 February 2011


The USS Langley and the dawn of the aircraft carrier

In March 1922, the U.S. Navy launched a bold experiment that really took off. Behold its first-ever aircraft carrier.

By 22 March 2012


Why every math wiz should challenge red light cameras

After his wife gets a ticket, a math tutor's intervention succeeds in proving that the yellow lights were too short at an intersection. Shouldn't all mathematicians now test their local cameras?

By 11 April 2010