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Mouthing off: This is what 100 coats of lipstick looks like

You're going to want to see how it peels off at the end of this video experiment that's already gone viral.

By 21 July 2016


LG Stylus 2 reintroduces the retractable, 'nano-coated' pen (pictures)

An "enhanced sequel" to the LG G Stylo, the Stylus 2 has a large 5.7-inch screen and a slim, light design.

9 Images By 20 February 2016


See a ​surreal fashion show befitting an 'Aliens' reboot

Designer Iris Van Herpen takes inspiration from sound waves for her fall designs, which include dresses coated in silicone-coated handblown glass bubbles.

By 9 July 2016


Nextbit shows a sneak peek of its next Robin phone, and it's going to be red

All signs point to a red Robin, like the fact that one was spied during an official Facebook Live video, plus a pretty revealing tweet.

By 8 July 2016


Seagull drone poops sunscreen...uh, thanks

What do a pooping seagull and kids' sunscreen have in common? A Nivea ad that's both memorable and disgusting.

By 7 July 2016


Ancient beer recipe found in China

A recipe found in China is one of the world's oldest for beer, coming in at around 5,000 years.

By 24 May 2016


Appliance Science: How carbon monoxide detectors work

A carbon monoxide detector can detect even minute amounts of this silent killer. Here's how they work.

By 17 May 2016


Jabba the Hutt marshmallow treats: 'Bring me sugar and the Wookiee!'

Bite into a grumpy Star Wars alien with a recipe for making your own sugar-coated Jabba the Hutt marshmallow snacks.

By 25 March 2016


A pocket-crazy lab coat made for modern science (pictures)

Scottevest, the company known for making jackets and vests to carry all your tech gear, sets its sights on pulling the humble lab coat into modern times.

8 Images By 11 December 2014


For today's gearhead scientist, a lab coat with endless pockets

Scottevest applied its gadget-pocket-crazy philosophy to lab coats, so we handed one off to a real live scientist to test out in a lab.

By 11 December 2014