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LG Stylus 2 reintroduces the retractable, 'nano-coated' pen (pictures)

An "enhanced sequel" to the LG G Stylo, the Stylus 2 has a large 5.7-inch screen and a slim, light design.

9 Images By 20 February 2016


Brixo brings Internet of Things to Lego

Lego-compatible building blocks are embedded with sensors and electronics so that you can build app-controlled IFTTT projects.

By 26 April 2016


Jabba the Hutt marshmallow treats: 'Bring me sugar and the Wookiee!'

Bite into a grumpy Star Wars alien with a recipe for making your own sugar-coated Jabba the Hutt marshmallow snacks.

By 25 March 2016


For today's gearhead scientist, a lab coat with endless pockets

Scottevest applied its gadget-pocket-crazy philosophy to lab coats, so we handed one off to a real live scientist to test out in a lab.

By 11 December 2014


A pocket-crazy lab coat made for modern science (pictures)

Scottevest, the company known for making jackets and vests to carry all your tech gear, sets its sights on pulling the humble lab coat into modern times.

8 Images By 11 December 2014


Racing bike coated in 24-karat gold (pictures)

British luxury company Goldgenie has moved from gold-plating gadgets into gold-plating an entire Giant road bike.

10 Images By 10 December 2014


Vantablack, 'world's blackest material,' now comes in a spray

It doesn't get much darker than Vantablack, a special coating material that'll make you think you're staring into the heart of a black hole. Now it's available to coat all sorts of things.

By 16 March 2016


Heroes and villains reimagined as traditional Chinese crockery

If you ever wanted to see Godzilla or Darth Vader immortalised in traditional, hand-painted bone china, you'll want to take a look at this.

By 14 March 2016


Discussing the coat with 50 cameras on Tomorrow Daily

South Korean artists have created a blazer with 50 working cameras on it in the hopes of giving surveillance tools to people who may not otherwise have them. We're not sure we'd wear a jacket with cameras sewn in like all-seeing eyes...but it sure looks cool.

By 28 October 2014


Tomorrow Daily 075: A coat with 50 cameras, OK Go's new music video, and more

On today's show, we discuss a jacket with 50 cameras sewn into it, how the band OK Go used drone tech in their new whimsical music video, and the scientist who improved on the Nobel Prize he won three weeks ago.

By 28 October 2014