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LGBT lead planned for 'Doctor Who' spin-off series 'Class'

The new BBC sci-fi series about teens attending Clara Oswald's Coal Hill School will feature a gay lead character.

By 16 June 2016


These decaying island buildings feel like real-world Fallout game

Decades of storms and decay have transformed Japan's tiny Hashima Island, once home to 5,259 people, into the haunting and incredible Gunkanjima: Battleship Island. Here's a tour.

By 4 June 2016


Can a hydraulic press crush a diamond into oblivion?

The hulking strength of a hydraulic press goes up against a diamond in a high-priced showdown for the ages.

By 17 May 2016


Not so fast: Titanic cemetery to get speed bumps

The final resting place for 121 of the great ship's passengers and crew, including one "J. Dawson," has become a popular tourist destination.

By 11 May 2016


A prom for Daleks? 'Doctor Who' young-adult spinoff on the way

"Doctor Who" is headed to Clara Oswald's Coal Hill School with a new BBC show aimed at teens. The series promises to have "action, heart and adrenaline," but watch out for Cybermen bullies.

By 2 October 2015


New Surface ads, old story: iPad is a lump of coal

Apple's tablet is, according to Microsoft, no good when you're cooking and terrible for sharing. It's a wonder Apple sold any at all.

By 27 November 2013


Renewable power now cheaper than coal, gas

According to a report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, wind power is now cheaper to produce than coal by up to 44 per cent.

By 8 February 2013


Apple's iPad Air sold out in Hong Kong, still available elsewhere

Canary in a coal mine or simply the way the stock's spread out? Either way, Apple's iPad Air has sold out online in one of its launch countries.

By 1 November 2013


Greenpeace praises Facebook's 'unfriending' of coal

Facebook reveals its carbon footprint from 2011. The company uses 23 percent clean and renewable energy, but hopes to increase the percentage to 25 by 2015.

By 2 August 2012


Hybrids can be less polluting than coal-powered EVs

How green is an EV? A Union of Concerned Scientists report compares global warming emissions of plug-in vehicles to gasoline-powered cars.

By 17 April 2012