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​10 tips to prevent clothes from fading

Keep your favorite red shirt from becoming a pink shirt you don't like nearly as much with these tips.

By 4 July 2016


How Clothing+ is bringing smart clothes closer to your kit bag

The Finnish company's CEO John Dargan tells us how it has created a blueprint for brands such as Adidas to weave connected, data-gathering tech into their garments.

By 4 December 2015


Clean your electric range with a razor blade and cloth

It's found in the painting supplies section of the hardware store and will make your electric range sparkle.

By 30 March 2016


How to properly hang dress pants so they stay on the clothes hanger

Hanging dress pants can be frustrating. Use this clever trick to keep your dress pants on a clothes hanger and off the floor.

By 1 March 2016


This compact bag puts your entire office -- and a change of clothes -- on your back (pictures)

Lowepro's Ridgeline Pro BP 300 AW handled a cross-country flight and the slog of a weeklong convention.

18 Images By 6 February 2016


GTA Online update files reveal new Valentine's Day cars, clothes, modes

Here's what is likely to be added in the Valentine's Day event.

By 29 January 2016


Check out Samsung's smart clothes, belt and bags

Samsung's been working on a bunch of clothes that look great and track your life.

By 9 January 2016


The Memomi Memory Mirror makes trying on clothes magical

The future of trying on clothes is here with the Memomi Mirror that changes the color of your clothes while you're still wearing them.

By 8 January 2016


Clothes at the CES fashion show actually looked pretty normal

At the FashionWare show, there were at least some tech-forward garments you might see real people wear. And that's a good thing.

By 8 January 2016


Samsung smart clothing from wellness belts to solar-charging bags (pictures)

Samsung's sister company, Samsung C&T, showed off its WELT smart belt; the Sol Bag, which charges a phone in four hours using solar power; and smart clothing, like a suit.

9 Images By 7 January 2016