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Classification board bans 219 games in 4 months, but clears 150,000

A new ratings tool has led to more games than ever being refused classification, but advocates say this is just a fraction of the massive list of 150,000 games now classified for the first time.

By 1 July 2015


Australian Classification Board to review ratings on 12 games

The Classification Board will review the ratings given to 12 released video games after a request from the South Australian attorney-general.

By 8 November 2013


Classification Board announces review of Saints Row IV

The Australian Classification Review Board has announced a review of banned game Saints Row IV.

By 23 July 2013


Australian edition of Saints Row IV gets MA15+ rating

The edited version of the troubled game has passed the Classification Board, garnering an MA15+ rating.

By 2 August 2013


GTA V scores R18+ classification

Rockstar's latest Grand Theft Auto game passes muster with the Classification Board, getting an R18+ rating.

By 1 August 2013


State of Decay reclassified as R18+

The zombie survival game has received approval from the Classification Board for sale in Australia.

By 12 July 2013


Saints Row 4 banned from Australia over 'sexual violence'

The Australian Government's Classification Board, which determines ratings on video games and decides if they can be sold in the country, lays down the ruling.

By 25 June 2013


Another day, another game banned in Australia

Yesterday, Saints Row IV became the first game hit by the R18+ laws, the Classification Board follows up by giving the same treatment to State of Decay.

By 27 June 2013


The Last of Us gets R18+ rating for Australia

Naughty Dog's post-apocalyptic thriller scores itself an adult rating from the Australian Classification Board.

By 16 May 2013


Australia opens its own GTA sex probe

Australia's classification board has weighed into the Grand Theft Auto "Hot Coffee" sex debate, opening their own investigation into the controversial mod.

By 13 July 2005