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Animation brings classical paintings to stunning life

Artist and animator Rino Stefano Tagliafierro uses CGI techniques to create an animated love letter to classical art.

By 18 January 2014


iPod-toting geek, er, Greek gods

San Francisco artist Adam Reeder meshes geek culture with classical sculpture to make some tech-focused art.

By 20 August 2009


Scientist ejected from classical concert for 'attempting to crowdsurf'

David Glowacki, an expert in non-equilibrium molecular reaction dynamics and visiting professor at Stanford, is removed by fellow audience members. He is said to have been experimenting with the rules of behavior.

By 23 June 2014


Build Your Own Lego Crave

In this action-packed episode, we discuss color-blind gadgetry, Nerf accessories for the Nintendo Wii, the newest 'Star Wars' offering from Lego, Volkswagen art, personal submarines, and the synthesis of classical literature and 'World of Warcraft'. Whew!

22 May 2008


World's longest film releases 72-minute teaser

The world's longest film, set to premiere in 2020, will clock in at 720 hours. Here's a (relatively) brief teaser.

By 8 July 2014


Google's DevArt competition explores coding as art

Google is looking for one incredible coder who can elevate software development into art.

By 7 February 2014


3D print your own museum

Artist Oliver Laric has collaborated with the Collection Museum in the UK to create free-to-download 3D print files of the sculptures on exhibit.

By 4 February 2014


Shutterstock ventures into music licensing business

A company that had specialized in royalty-free imagery sales now offers music, too. The reason: more licensing revenue from its video-licensing business.

By 21 May 2014


Famous masterpieces get 'upgraded' with modern tech

A project called "Art x Smart" is injecting famous works of art with a dose of 21st-century technology.

By 6 November 2013