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Exposure: David Cheng

Photographer David Cheng swapped university life for working in a camera store. He shares his favourite moments and street photos on Exposure.

15 Images By 1 February 2011


Microsoft's Lili Cheng on FUSE, Spindex, and more

Longtime Redmond researcher talks about her new role leading Microsoft's social software project and some of the first fruits of her effort.

By 6 May 2010


How Clash of Clans' clan wars got me addicted all over again

(commentary) CNET editor Roger Cheng says the mobile smash hit’s latest update has him hooked -- and that it provides a textbook lesson on how developers can prevent gamer burnout.

By 27 April 2014


Zombie apps, car door handles, and... what CNET's crew is thankful for

Why is CNET's Roger Cheng so grateful for Samsung's Galaxy Gear if he doesn't think the product's all that great (yet)? Find out as members of the CNET team share which technology they're thankful for.

By 28 November 2013


The 404 1,369: Where we look up the definition for 'chamfer' (podcast)

We'll give our first impression of the big Apple announcements with CNET editor Roger Cheng, including the Mac Pro, the MacBook Pro, Mac OS X Mavericks, and the new Apple iPad Air.

By 23 October 2013


CES In Depth dives into Nvidia's Project Shield

CNET's Bridget Carey and Roger Cheng chat with Nvidia Vice President Ujesh Desai about the Project Shield gaming console.

By 10 January 2013


Taiwan university sues Apple over patent infringement -- again

The National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan initially sued the iPhone maker in 2012, and has now taken aim at the company for its video compression technology.

By 7 May 2013


The future of mobile

CNET's Bridget Carey talks to Roger Cheng about what our smartphones could look like in 2013.

By 21 December 2012


ZTE readies itself for U.S. expansion in 2013

Lixin Cheng, the department head of ZTE's U.S. division, sits down with CNET during CES 2013 to detail the company's future goals.

By 12 January 2013


Angry Birds and Rovio's plans for world domination

CNET's Roger Cheng visits Rovio's headquarters in Espoo, Finland, to talk about its evolution from a simple mobile gaming company.

By 18 December 2012