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​Visual music: The graphic novel roots of 'Mad Max: Fury Road'

For all its explosive energy, "Mad Max: Fury Road" found its genesis on the page as something quite different. The film's director George Miller tells how the road warrior journeyed from graphic novel to celluloid, and what lies beneath the bluster.

By 9 October 2015


Tech Time Machine: 6 April

It's a big day in tech as we discuss the launch of Intelsat I, the discovery of teflon and the patenting of celluloid.

By 6 April 2012


Boxwish: Celluloid style

Boxwish is a site with a great premise: you look up a film, and it tells you where you can buy the stuff seen in the film -- perfect for a Tarantino party

By 16 October 2008


Cyberspace to celluloid in 72 hours

It took James Joyce a decade to write Ulysees, but cyberspace writer Joe Queenan published his novel on the Web in 72 hours. And now he has sold the film rights.

By 16 May 1996