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Control a rat with your brain

Harvard scientists create an interface that allows humans to move a rat's tail just by thinking about it.

By 2 August 2013


Survey: U.K.'s tech-savvy young lack basic literacy skills

Secondary-school grads tend to be competent in IT, but their English and math skills are inadequate, employers warn.

21 August 2007


Europe defends online broadcasting plans

U.K. commissioner says Television Without Frontiers directive will help businesses, but some big Net players are wary.

By 16 June 2006


HP Deskjet 450cbi

The Deskjet 450cbi makes it easy to print on the go, but its quality isn't good enough for important docs.

By 18 November 2002

3.5 stars Editors' rating 18 November 2002

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CBI demands action on cybercrime

The Confederation of British Industry calls on the government to fight cybercrime. It says many companies refuse to put their business online for fear of losing money or reputation.

By 30 August 2001


HP DeskJet 350cbi

This compact, economical--but overweight--printer has a long way to go before it can be called portable.

By 14 June 2000

2.5 stars Editors' rating 14 June 2000

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