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Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3 provides a satisfying over-the-top action experience that is guaranteed to thrill, even if it falls short in a few sub-categories.

By 1 December 2015

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Phones don't cause brain cancer, latest study says

Australian researchers finds no direct correlation between brain cancer and mobile phones after nearly three decades of use.

By 7 May 2016


'Game Of Thrones' causes droop in porn consumption

Technically Incorrect: The raunchy HBO series is so popular that Pornhub says it affects online porn enthusiasm.

By 28 April 2016


Facebook bug causes Pages to 'like' all their own posts

Your favourite Facebook pages aren't necessarily that into themselves.

By 21 April 2016


SNL reveals Trump's controversial tweets caused by huge hands

Technically Incorrect: Saturday Night Live cannot help mocking the Republican candidate and his stance on women.

By 4 April 2016


Watch something bash Jupiter, causing an explosion seen from Earth

Two amateur astronomers separately capture a continent-size blast emanating from the massive planet.

By 30 March 2016


Just Cause 3's DLC turns Rico into a fighter jet!

GameSpot's Mike Mahardy played a bunch of the Sky Fortress DLC for Just Cause 3 and demonstrates how it just makes Rico into a deadly fighter jet.

By 26 February 2016


Space junk could cause war, say researchers

Technically Incorrect: As increasing amounts of floating detritus meander around space, what happens if they strike a military satellite by accident?

By 25 January 2016


Pokemon Go: Gyms, candy, pokeballs and everything else you need to know

The complete beginner's guide to Nintendo's wildly popular new game.

By 26 July 2016


Just Cause 3's first expansion detailed

Plus, developer working on optimizations, bug fixes, and performance enhancement and improvements.

By 6 January 2016