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A camper van for the land and sea

What could possibly be better than a million-dollar motor home outfitted with state-of-the-art technology? One that goes in the water, of course.

3 Images By 2 July 2008


Lego Mini Cooper set to drive into stores in August

On the heels of its VW Camper Van set, Lego is releasing a $100 Mini Cooper set, featuring 1,077 pieces.

By 4 June 2014


Cop builds upside-down car, races at LeMons

A highway patrol officer and car enthusiast has combined two cars into a hybrid monstrosity for the 24 Hours of LeMons junk car rally.

By 17 August 2013


VW camper spreads peace with Lego pieces

The iconic red Lego VW camper van is now an exclusive Lego kit. The Lego "hippie van" features doors and windows that open and a roof that pops up. And a lava lamp.

By 16 August 2011


First the Libyans shoot Doc Brown, now they close the vb.ly URL shortener

It was 25 years ago, but we've never forgiven the Libyans for shooting Doc Brown. Now, it seems, they're trying to take away our short URLs too. Muchos sadface.

By 8 October 2010


Blast your best playlist into space

The European Space Agency (ESA) is holding a contest to send the best astronaut-friendly playlist into space.

By 26 April 2007


In defense of evil

CNET News.com's Michael Kanellos says reports of evil in high tech and elsewhere are overblown.

By 13 April 2006


Computer science pioneer Dijkstra dies

Edsger Dijkstra, one of the moving forces behind the acceptance of computer programming as a scientific discipline, has died. But his legacy lives on in every computer.

By 9 August 2002