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High-tech camouflage could protect soldiers from ballistic heat

The heat wave that follows bomb blasts exceeds 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit and can cook exposed skin. New face paint that actually deflects heat could offer protection for up to a minute.

By 23 August 2012


Crawling bot glows, camouflages itself with dye

DARPA's soft-bodied walkers, developed by engineers at Harvard University, can stand out or blend in with their environment, and may take on military tasks.

By 19 August 2012


My dot-matrix-camouflaged Mighty Wallet: Just don't throw it out if you find it

My temporary wallet looks like spare printout paper from the 80s, and I like it that way.

By 10 September 2011


Photo-direct vehicle camouflage matches battlefield

Precut "wrap" of adhesive vinyl called Photo Veil incorporates images from drones, satellites, and other sources to help vehicles blend in just about anywhere.

By 24 April 2009


Chubby Brothers try their hand at camouflage

Dining set plays tricks on your eyes when chairs are stowed underneath.

By 5 September 2008


How to camouflage a satellite dish

U.K.-based Sqish creates custom boxes that blend into the wall behind it.

By 26 June 2008


Utilities Updates: Peek-a-Boo 2.5.6; Weblock 1.6.3; Camouflage 1.7; CPU Speed Accelerator 3.2; more

Utilities Updates: Peek-a-Boo 2.5.6; Weblock 1.6.3; Camouflage 1.7; CPU Speed Accelerator 3.2; more

By 19 December 2006


Aussies design shark-proof wetsuits

Scientists have designed a new type of camouflage wetsuit that is designed to make ocean swimmers invisible to sharks.

By 22 July 2013


Could a see-through Toyota Prius prevent accidents?

This optical-camouflage technology from Keio University in Japan is like an invisibility cloak but could make cars safer.

By 4 October 2012


Ep. 1236: Where we're hidden in plain sight

As telecommunications extends its reach, some clever landscape artists are using strategic foliage to camouflage electrical poles and cell phone towers. Combating visual pollution on today's 404 episode.

By 29 March 2013