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Snag a limited edition ColorWare MacBook camouflaged to look like an old Apple IIe

ColorWare made only 10 of these 12-inch Apple MacBooks custom-designed to look like the original Apple IIe from the 1980s.

By 9 June 2016


Police camouflage surveillance truck as Google Maps van

Technically Incorrect: Philadelphia police admit that one of their surveillance trucks masqueraded as one of Google's. It had a Google Maps logo on its side window.

By 15 May 2016


Zebra stripes as camouflage? Not so fast, Mr. Hyena

Zebras may not be nearly as sneaky as some people thought. A study casts doubt on the idea that those magnificent stripes are used to hide the horse-like creatures from predators.

By 28 January 2016


Skin that can see is octopus camouflage superpower

A protein in octopus skin is similar to a light-detecting protein found in the eye, enabling the cephalopods' amazing camouflage skills.

By 22 May 2015


Optical illusions gone wild! Find the frog, then look for the lizard

Indian photographer Yuwaraj Gurjar shares two nature photos featuring carefully camouflaged creatures.

By 23 July 2016


The most interesting smartphones to excite your eyes

A little personality goes a long way. These smartphones break the mold by building in a little something surprising.

By 22 June 2016


Camouflage your cords and cables

Disguise your ugly power cords and cables with a few simple steps and easy-to-find materials.

By 5 November 2014


Dishonored 2: A journey through Emily's assassination mission

An introduction to Dishonored 2's new setting and protagonist Emily Kaldwin's supernatural powers.

By 18 May 2016


Drake is so tired of you putting him in memes

Technically Incorrect: On "Saturday Night Live," everyone's beloved rapper sings that he's fed up of you loving him in memes.

By 16 May 2016


The sad reason many people love their Apple Watch

Technically Incorrect: The more I listen to Watch users, the more they tell me the same thing.

By 16 May 2016