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Google launches Australian bushfire crisis map

Google has launched an online service that shows the location and severity of the bushfires currently raging across Australia.

By 22 October 2013


Aussies design paper plane drone for detecting bushfires

Researchers at the University of Queensland have created a disposable, biodegradable drone based on a paper plane.

By 25 July 2013


Australia government limited Google's bushfire map

The Victorian Government's refusal to provide data for the search giant's bushfire map mashup limited its scope and highlighted copyright problems, Google engineer says.

By 13 February 2009


Google map tracks deadly Australia bushfires

Engineers create a Flash map to keep track of the fires and help reduce the traffic burden to the official sites that are coordinating emergency services.

By 9 February 2009


Buzz Out Loud 909: The 404 hacks Natali's computer

While I got a little steamed at the Author's Guild, and Natali essentially admitted she's a runaway bride, the big event in this show is the possessed computer.

By 12 February 2009