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Microsoft ditches SkyDrive for OneDrive after BSkyB dispute

The sky isn't falling, but the SkyDrive name is. Nothing else changes about the cloud-based storage service, Microsoft says, just the branding.

By 28 January 2014


BSkyB to buy O2's UK broadband business for £200m

BSkyB is snaffling up the broadband arm of O2's parent company, meaning it jumps ahead of Virgin Media in terms of subscribers.

By 1 March 2013


SkyDrive trademark ruling goes against Microsoft

The software giant's cloud storage service infringes the trademark name of BSkyB, one of the largest broadcasters in Europe, the U.K.'s High Court in London rules.

By 1 July 2013


Roku lands $45M in funding, plans hardware, media expansion

The maker of content streaming devices has raised $45 million from News Corp, BSkyB and others.

By 26 July 2012


News Corp promoted pay TV piracy: report

An extensive report in today's Australian Financial Review claims that a secret operation inside News Corporation, part owner of Foxtel in Australia and BSkyB in the UK, promoted pay TV piracy.

By 28 March 2012


OpenTV racks up 25 million deployments

OpenTV, a maker of interactive-television software, said Tuesday that more than 25 million set-top boxes using its software were deployed as of March 31. During the period from Dec. 31, 2001, to March 31, 2002, the company added 2 million more OpenTV set-tops to those already deployed. OpenTV's software enables people to shop, access e-mail, play video games and bank on TVs using set-top boxes. The software runs on set-top boxes that are used on satellite and digital cable networks. Some of OpenTV's major customers include network carriers EchoStar in the United States, BskyB in the United Kingdom, Bell ExpressVu in Canada and DirecTV Latin America. Liberty Media announced on May 8 that it had bought a controlling interest in OpenTV for $185 million in cash and stock. Liberty announced May 8 a preliminary agreement to buy the remaining stake in interactive-advertising software company ACTV.

By 22 May 2002


OpenTV sees expansion

OpenTV, an interactive TV software maker, said cable operators sent to their subscribers 2.1 million new set-top boxes with the company's software during the first quarter. The total number of boxes worldwide with the company's software grew 105 percent to 16 million in the first quarter, compared with 7.8 million boxes in the same period last year, according to OpenTV. The Mountain View, Calif.-based company said that deals with DirecTV in Latin America, EchoStar in the United States and BskyB in the United Kingdom aided growth and that a recently announced agreement with Shanghai Cable Network will help ensure further expansion. OpenTV's software is essentially an operating system for set-top boxes and allows people for do things such as play games and buy products via a television.

By 22 May 2001


Short Take: OzEmail, BSkyB joint venture

Internet service provider OzEmail and British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) announced that they will jointly establish a global Internet advertising venture. The companies will make equal financial contribution to the venture. OzEmail issued BSkyB a two-year option to acquire 2 million OzEmail shares at $14 each.

By 7 November 1996