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Breathalyser used to diagnose dolphin health

Researchers have developed a type of breathalyser that can diagnose dolphin health by measuring the metabolites in their breath.

By 16 October 2014


New breathalyser detects marijuana, meth and cocaine

Researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden have developed a new kind of breathalyser that detects a lot more than just alcohol on your breath.

By 6 May 2013


The computer that can smell, hear and touch

IBM has predicted that in the next five years, computers will be able to mimic all of the human senses in many different ways.

By 19 December 2012


Phones will smell when you're ill, feel through the screen

In five years phones will smell when you're ill, hear what babies are saying and let you stroke someone's skin through your screen.

By 18 December 2012


Volvo 'platoon' road trains let you nap while driving at 70mph

Volvo's new motorway driving concept sees you joining a convoy where you're electronically tethered to the car in front. It sounds terrifying.

By 19 January 2011


An end to drunken, embarrassing emails?

Google has released a plug-in for Gmail which prevents you from sending drunken emails, but without the need for a breathalyser.

By 9 October 2008


Christmas gift guide: Great presents from £15 to £150

Too caught up in pre-Christmas socialising to have time to hit the mean streets in search of cool presents? Fear not, here's 20 brilliant gift ideas, all just a few clicks away...

By 12 December 2007


Crave Podcast 42: Is Firefox the best browser?

Is Firefox really better than its rivals or does it just have a fan base that shouts louder? And what's the crack with Wireless USB? Find out in this week's hopped-up episode of the Crave Podcast

By 20 July 2007


Crave Talk: Start your own mobile phone rumour

Every company and his dog is supposedly making a phone these days, but they're not the companies we want making them. Where's the Stella phone?

By 21 March 2007