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Oxo Barista Brain 12-cup Coffee Brewing System

Priced at $299, the Oxo Barista Brain 12-Cup has both intelligent design and brewing chops.

By 8 March 2015

Pricing not available


Machine learning helped create a new map of the human brain (Tomorrow Daily 396 show notes)

Medicine is still using a brain map created in the early 1900s, but this new version adds almost 100 new regions.

By 26 July 2016


New brain map developed using real patients and machine learning (Tomorrow Daily 396)

A quick look at a new series of official Star Wars drones; also, scientists develop a new brain map meant to replace one that's over 100 years old.

By 26 July 2016


VR suits, car phones' comeback and insect brains: 8 tech predictions from Qualcomm (Q&A)

Chairman Paul Jacobs spends his time nowadays thinking about the future. He shares some of his ideas with CNET.

By 24 June 2016


Fallout 4 in VR will drop an atom bomb on your brain

Bethesda is prepping Doom and Fallout 4 for HTC Vive, and we went hands-on.

By 15 June 2016


​Brain games: Microsoft's version of Minecraft for schools is here

Any school can now set its students loose in the blocky virtual world. It's still in testing but the final version is due in September.

By 9 June 2016


Computex 2016 verdict: Behold the new brains of the computer

Intel fades from the spotlight at this year's massive tech trade show, to be replaced by Nvidia and AMD as the drivers of the coming VR and AI future.

By 4 June 2016


Don't feel guilty: This is your brain on piracy

A new study shows why you don't feel bad about torrenting the latest "Game of Thrones".

By 11 May 2016


Phones don't cause brain cancer, latest study says

Australian researchers finds no direct correlation between brain cancer and mobile phones after nearly three decades of use.

By 7 May 2016


eBay boosts its big-data brain with Expertmaker buy

Expertmaker's AI and machine-learning software could help eBay organize its 900 million listings.

By 6 May 2016