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'Star Trek' Borg cube mini-fridge: Refrigeration isn't futile

This particular Borg cube wants to assimilate your beverages and food to keep them at optimum temperatures for consumption.

By 30 July 2014


Meet the only US presidential candidate promising immortality

Commentary: CNET's Eric Mack speaks with Transhumanist Party candidate Zoltan Istvan about America's cyborg future and finds himself hesitant to join the borg so soon.

By 26 September 2015


Borg cube wedding cake will assimilate your taste buds

A cube-shaped wedding cake is no big deal, but a Borg cube-shaped wedding cake is enough to make Trekkies everywhere want to get married.

By 14 August 2012


Jorge Luis Borges, pioneer of hypertext fiction, celebrated by Google

Author Jorge Luis Borges, the pioneer of magic realism and hypertext fiction, is celebrated by Google today.

By 24 August 2011


The Anonymous hackers: Are they really the Borg?

In an instant-chat interview with The Economist, the group attacking sites that have offended WikiLeaks offer a glimpse into their "Star Trek" psyche.

By 10 December 2010


Nokia renews its vows with Symbian, taking full control of development

Like a giant Finnish Borg, Nokia has taken over all the most important functions of the Symbian Foundation, after the departure of Samsung and Sony Ericsson left it desperately short of funding.

By 9 November 2010


Borg-like cybots may patrol government networks

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory creates mobile, autonomous cyberrobot software called Untame to protect the United States' computer network infrastructure.

By 25 February 2009


Google said talking buyout with Yelp

The potential acquisition of the reviews site for local businesses, reportedly valued at $500 million, would make Google the Borg of local content.

By 18 December 2009


Google's Brin fears the Microhoo borg

Speaking at an event for the Google Lunar X Prize, Google co-founder Sergey Brin reiterates his company's position on a Microsoft-Yahoo union.

By 22 February 2008


Microsoft and open source: Welcome to the Borg?

Microsoft has an offer open-source startups are having a hard time refusing. Should they?

By 2 February 2008