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Will 'Wolverine' benefit from (Bit)Torrent of publicity?

Hollywood has condemned whoever it was who leaked an uncompleted copy of "Wolverine" to the Web. On the eve of the film's debut, the X-Men movie seems to be doing just fine.

By 2 May 2009


Porn studios accused of shafting enthusiasts

People illegally downloading porn (gosh) are allegedly being shaken down by porn studios looking for a quick buck.

By 11 July 2012


We have to be better than piracy: Spotify

Spotify launches today in Australia and New Zealand, delivering 16 million songs to its members. To succeed, the company believes it has to be better — and not just better than its direct competitors.

By 22 May 2012


Buzz Out Loud 1467: Angry Chrome Birds (Podcast)

Google keeps the news ball rolling, dropping two new Chromebook laptops and an enterprise-ready Chromebox. Plus, of course, they make Chrome OS official. Oh, and how could we bury the lead? Angry Birds is now available in the Chrome App Store! For free! Plus, it turns out 100,000 Facebook apps were accidentally leaking your data, Apple and Google hit the privacy hot sheet, and a dude jumps out of a helicopter with a rocket pack strapped to his back. We won't spoil the ending for you. --Molly

By 12 May 2011


Kindle e-book piracy accelerates

What's the dark side of the success of e-readers and e-books? In a word, piracy.

By 19 February 2011


How far did McDonald's-tied data breach ripple?

At least two companies with ties to e-mail database management firm are forced to warn customers of breach. Are there more?

By 16 December 2010


LinkedIn disables passwords in wake of Gawker attack

Professional-networking site takes preemptive measure to prevent users whose data was exposed in Gawker breach from having their LinkedIn accounts hijacked.

By 15 December 2010


What you need to know about the Gawker breach (FAQ)

Here's the skinny on what happened at Gawker, what to do if you might be affected, and what you should do to protect yourself when using any Web site.

By 14 December 2010


Level 3 takes spat with Comcast public

Level 3 has accused Comcast of forcing it into a deal that violates the FCC's Net neutrality principles as the companies renegotiate a network peering relationship.

By 30 November 2010


Culture hacker talks Kinect bounty hunt (Q&A)

45 Minutes on IM: Perhaps best known for Roomba Frogger, Phil Torrone also discusses life as an open-source hardware maven and whether his next stunt will be TSA related.

By 24 November 2010