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The Brick takes mobile phones back to the '80s

British phone manufacturer Binatone has unveiled The Brick, a mobile phone with a distinctly 1980s aesthetic -- and more than three months of standby time.

By 12 September 2013


Android landline, ebook reader and £99 tablet revealed by Binatone

Yes, you read that right: the Binatone iHomePhone 2 is an Android-powered landline phone, launched alongside a new ebook reader and budget HomeSurf 705 Android tablet.

By 30 July 2011


Binatone iHomePhone mixes Android and landline

The Binatone iHomePhone Android in your landline. We're going to call it an Andline. Or Landroid, we haven't decided yet.

4 Images By 8 November 2010


Binatone Carrera X350: Zebra-print sat-nav for £80

If you're looking for somewhere to eat and it's late then you need a Little Chef. If you need to find a Little Chef, then you need the Binatone Carrera X350 £80 sat-nav

By 18 April 2008