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Foxtel on Xbox 360 offers new channels, unmetered data

From May 30, Foxtel will offer Telstra BigPond customers six new TV channels as well as eliminating data charges on its Xbox 360 service.

By 30 May 2011


Smart TV: what you need to know

Smart TV is the latest buzzword, and we take you through what it takes for a TV to be "smart", detailing some of the best features including IPTV, apps and web browsing.

By 23 May 2011


Smart TV will replace pay TV in 2011: Samsung

Samsung hopes its range of Smart TVs will replace pay TV and laptops in the lounge room within six months, by supplying video content and web browsing though your connected television, an industry conference in Hobart heard today.

By 28 April 2011


Smart TV killed the 'idiot box': Samsung

Samsung has announced the "death of the idiot box" with the local launch of its 2011 Smart TV range, which offers web browsing, internet TV and downloadable apps.

By 6 April 2011


BigPond Movies available on LG TVs

LG has announced it is partnering with Telstra to provide BigPond movies and TV shows on-demand through over 20 models in its new range.

By 9 April 2010


Telstra streams live concert on 3G

Missy Higgins will be the first artist to stream a live concert to 3G mobile phones, according to Telstra.

By 31 May 2007