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Bigpond Elite Wireless BroadBand Network Gateway

It looks like a router and it certainly works like a router, and if you can get decent Next G speeds where you are then the Wireless Gateway could offer a decent home internet solution compared to the cost of ADSL 2.

30 March 2010

4 stars Editors' rating 30 March 2010

Typical price: $399.00


Telstra BigPond Wireless Broadband

As long as you're a metropolitan broadband user, Telstra BigPond Wireless Broadband delivers well, but it can't be said to be an inexpensive broadband option.

17 October 2005

0 stars Editors' rating 17 October 2005

Typical price: $839.00

Editors' Take

BigPond Next G Wireless Broadband USB Modem

This funky looking USB desktop modem looks to muscle in on the wireless broadband market

18 December 2006

Typical price: $249.00


BigPond Next G Wireless Broadband Mobile Card

Fancy a 1.3Mbps broadband pipeline direct to your notebook, without a cable in sight? The new BigPond wireless data card makes good on Telstra's lofty promises for its Next G network.

14 November 2006

4.5 stars Editors' rating 14 November 2006

Typical price: $299.00


Panasonic offers BigPond Movies on selected devices

Panasonic is expanding its IPTV offerings to include the popular BigPond video service across 10 of its products.

By 27 August 2012


BigPond Next G Wireless Broadband USB Mobile Card

Telstra's Next G USB modem pushes the wireless broadband needle past 2Mbps, making it a better choice than its sibling PC Card in most (but not all) situations.

5 January 2007

4.5 stars Editors' rating 5 January 2007

Typical price: $299.00


BigPond Movies available on LG TVs

LG has announced it is partnering with Telstra to provide BigPond movies and TV shows on-demand through over 20 models in its new range.

By 9 April 2010


BigPond Music offers legal iPod downloads

After years of offering music downloads that are incompatible with iPods, BigPond Music has announced the availability of MP3 downloads from today.

By 13 August 2008


I purchased songs legally from BigPond Music; why won't they play on my iPod?

I purchased songs legally from BigPond Music; why won't they play on my iPod?

By 26 February 2007


Thirsty Merc soaks up Bigpond's Band on Demand

In order to publicise its range of sport, movies, music and games "on demand" content offerings, Telstra today held its Bigpond Band on Demand concert at Martin Place in Sydney.

By 30 August 2006