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Meghan Trainor pulls music video over digitally downsized waist

Pop star Meghan Trainor takes down a video for her latest single after concerned fans noted her waist appeared to be digitally altered to appear smaller than it really is.

By 11 May 2016


'Ghostbusters' trailer ranks among 'most disliked' videos on YouTube

The Internet gives Sony Pictures a big thumbs-down, with the trailer garnering almost half a million votes. But, YouTube users appear to be even more averse to Justin Bieber videos.

By 30 April 2016


Snapchat video views at 10 billion a day

The ephemeral-photo app is quickly becoming a place where video is made.

By 29 April 2016


Australian robot gets put to work, herds sheep and cows (Tomorrow Daily 393)

This robot cowboy not only herds cattle, soon it will also monitor the herd's health and alert ranchers to any injuries or illness to livestock.

By 20 July 2016


Katy Perry, Twitter's most-followed user, crosses 90-million mark

The American pop icon reaches 90 million Twitter followers, making her the social media network's top-ranked user.

By 2 July 2016


YouTube started as an online dating site

The world's largest video site has romantic roots, says co-founder Steve Chen. Guess what day the YouTube domain name was registered?

By 15 March 2016


SnapGlass? HoloChat? Snapchat is secretly hiring wearable technology experts

There's reason to believe Snapchat is building smart glasses. That could mean a lot more snaps from a whole new perspective.

By 12 March 2016


Selfie sculpture as public art inflames selfie-haters

A Texas town installs a sculpture of two girls engaged in the common but sometimes divisive activity of taking a selfie. It's not a sign of the end times, but you wouldn't know it from the reaction.

By 7 June 2016


Feds urge you to buy fire extinguisher with your hoverboard

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is investigating whether the lithium-ion batteries in the self-balancing boards are causing them to catch fire.

By 21 January 2016


Instagram purges fake followers. Sorry Bieber, Beyonce, Barack

The most popular celebrities on Instagram lose massive numbers of followers after the photo-sharing service purges fake or spam accounts, according to a list published to the Web.

By 20 December 2014