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Bethesda opens Australian office

ZeniMax Australia will oversee local sales, marketing and distribution for gaming titles from the publisher.

By 3 October 2013


Bethesda teases Skyrim expansion

Bethesda Softworks today revealed information about the first major expansion pack for its hit role-playing game.

By 2 May 2012


Bethesda's bounty: starships, pirates, and Johnny Depp

Bethesda's bounty: starships, pirates, and Johnny Depp

By 11 May 2006


The Elder Scrolls Online: one week in

It's been a week since ESO launched, so Nic and Seamus check in to see how the Bethesda MMO is coming along.

By 11 April 2014


Hands on with the Elder Scrolls Online

Bethesda is giving the world of Tamriel the MMO treatment, but does the Elder Scrolls work as an online title?

By 10 February 2014


Wolfenstein: The New Order set for current, next-gen consoles

The game will be available in the fourth quarter on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PCs, according to Bethesda.

By 8 May 2013


Elder Scrolls Online looking for beta testers

Sign up for your chance to be a beta tester on the highly anticipated MMO coming from Bethesda, Elder Scrolls Online.

By 23 January 2013


Dishonored DLC announced

Bethesda has revealed three planned add-on packs for Dishonored, with the first one arriving in December.

By 26 October 2012


Doom 4 not cancelled, supposed game art surfaces

Bethesda confirms that id Software's new shooter has not been scrapped; screenshots alleging to be from game surface.

By 1 March 2012


Make plenty of room for Skyrim

Bethesda Softworks' latest in the Elder Scrolls saga takes players to the largest explorable world yet.

By 11 November 2011