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​Berlin law hobbles Airbnb rental business

In an effort to keep rents lower for residents living in the German capital, a law goes into effect prohibiting hosts from renting out their full homes.

By 2 May 2016


Watch Samsung unveil the Gear S2 smartwatch live from Berlin: Today at 10 a.m. PT, 1 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. UK

Samsung will finally be unveiling the full details of its Gear S2 smartwatch. Watch the video stream live here.

By 4 September 2015


Asus shows off smartphone smarts at Berlin electronics show

At IFA 2015, Asus reminded conference-goers that the brand isn't only about laptops and tablets. It's big into mobile phones, too.

By 3 September 2015


Press play on this sublime SoundCloud mix of ambient video game music

Drift away to this 40-minute blend of atmospheric music from video games like Silent Hill 2, Fez, Gone Home and more.

By 6 July 2016


A full suit of armor didn't hold back a well-trained knight

The idea that armor made knights sluggish flies out the window as a current-day knight-wannabe dances, climbs and jumps in a suit of plate armor.

By 5 July 2016


The Basslet is a vibrating subwoofer bracelet that helps your body feel the beat

Connect it to any audio source and this wearable subwoofer emits haptic feedback vibrations that sync up perfectly with your music.

By 22 June 2016


Zuckerberg to hold his first Facebook Live Q&A

For the first time, the CEO will hold one of his town hall-style meetings on the social network's Facebook Live streaming-video service. It's planned for June 14.

By 9 June 2016


Ice on Mars: The Red Planet is going through an Ice Age

Data collected by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter suggests the Red Planet is going through an ice age.

By 27 May 2016


Your holiday soundtrack now comes courtesy of Google Play Music by way of TripAdvisor

Locally relevant music will be available through the TripAdvisor Android app.

By 25 May 2016


Don't panic! 'Hitchhiker's Guide' tech jumps off the page into reality

As Douglas Adams fans the world over celebrate Towel Day, it's become clear that once-futuristic items from the author's beloved book series are now part of our everyday lives.

By 25 May 2016