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Six-foot-tall Lego Bender hoards booze in its chest

Hey, baby, wanna kill all humans? A 6-foot Lego version of Bender from "Futurama" comes complete with a booze-filled chest cavity and a presidential cameo.

By 21 June 2014


In 'Futurama,' robots follow 'Bender's Law,' not Asimov's

Isaac Asimov's 21st-century robots followed laws prohibiting harm to humans. By the 31st century in Matt Groening's "Futurama" universe, however, robots have become a bit more open-minded.

By 13 April 2013


Warm yourself on Bender's shiny metal belly

What better way to heat your backyard than with the world's most obnoxious bending robot?

By 10 April 2013


DIWire Bender wire printer blends 2D, 3D shapes

Check out this mind-bending machine that delivers a new take on wire printing. The possibilities seem endless once you see it in action, as it can bend metal wire into nearly any 2D or 3D configuration.

By 24 May 2012


The end of the fender bender

Nissan announced Tuesday its Forward Collision Avoidance Assist concept, which uses radar sensors to monitor the distance and relative speed of objects in front of the vehicle and delivers early alerts to the driver.

By 29 July 2010


Adobe soups up Photoshop with Pixel Bender

Photoshop now has a high-performance new special effects technology, Pixel Bender. Adobe showed an online version as well.

By 18 November 2008


Hands on: iOnRoad app for Android

We hit the road with iOnRoad beta for Android to demonstrate how this app could help prevent a fender bender.

13 August 2011


DailyRoads Voyager watches your back, er, front while you drive

Don't let your next fender bender devolve into a "your word against theirs" legal battle. Arm yourself with video proof with this dashboard camera app for Android.

By 24 February 2012


Robot Cars Invade Calif., on Orders From Google

Google Has Been Testing Self-Driving Cars on Roads in Calif.; So Far, Only a Minor Fender-Bender to Report

By 10 October 2010


Google driver crashes autonomous car

Automotive blog Jalopnik got a tip this week, complete with photo, showing a fender bender between two Prii, one from Google's autonomous car project. Google says its car was being manually driven at the time.

By 6 August 2011