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Modder Ben Heck tailors guitar for one-armed player

How do you play a guitar when you only have one arm? Supermodder Ben Heck modified a guitar for a musician who lost his arm in an accident.

By 9 November 2013


Supermodder Ben Heck builds a quadcopter

The king of the modders is building a quadcopter from scratch for his YouTube show -- and you can enter a competition to win it.

By 28 August 2013


A new kind of string theory: The physics of playing guitar

A University of Oxford physicist has derived equations that describe how guitar techniques influence the pitch of a note.

By 24 July 2014


Roadie Tuner turns those pesky guitar pegs for you

Tune quickly, play more: That's the philosophy behind this smartphone-connected guitar tuner that actually turns the pegs for you.

By 3 December 2013


GAEMS G155 sets your game consoles free

The G155 is a well-thought-out carrying case that fits the Xbox 360 (original and 360 S models), as well as the PlayStation 3 Slim.

By 21 June 2011


Xbox 360 dons an Atari suit, sings Bee Gees

Console modder Ben Heck sweeps the Xbox into a '70s time warp. Haul this mutant Xbox/Atari laptop to your next gaming gathering and listen to your friends weep with envy.

By 24 March 2011


Buzz Out Loud 1433: George Hotz and the Girls Gone Wild defense (Podcast)

Sony PS3 jailbreaker George Hotz scampers down to South America to avoid having to turn over his possessions to Sony -- but claimed he's just there on spring break. Um. Ok, dude. Also, Apple's grand plans to take over the Internet completely, the new Color app that either is or isn't the most amazing startup that ever existed, and record labels' attempts to sue Limewire for $75 trillion. Not a typo. Neither is the Duke Nukem delay. --Molly

By 25 March 2011


Buzz Out Loud 1375: Happy Holidays, rights-holders! Thanks for ruining everything! (podcast)

On today's show, our cogent analysis of the FCC's Net neutrality regulation adoption (actually, I mean that), with surprisingly little argument. Also, the PlayStation phone and the Nintendo 3DS are planning to spoil our CES parade by announcing their cool gadgets after the big show. And Apple proves that it is Wiki-weak. Plus, our holiday thank you cards go out to those Scrooge-like rights-holders who keep shows off Google TV, Hulu Plus and Netflix off cable-supplied TiVo DVRs, and Google Maps off our Verizon phones. Seriously. Thanks for that. Xoxo. --Molly

By 22 December 2010


PS3 mod makes for unique laptop

When the PS3 Slim came about, Ben Heck, an amateur modder, decided this was the right time to change his gaming console into a portable.

By 20 October 2009


The 404 240: Where we can't find the CNET holiday party

CNET Holiday Party NOT FOUND

By 5 December 2008