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Modder Ben Heck tailors guitar for one-armed player

How do you play a guitar when you only have one arm? Supermodder Ben Heck modified a guitar for a musician who lost his arm in an accident.

By 9 November 2013


Supermodder Ben Heck builds a quadcopter

The king of the modders is building a quadcopter from scratch for his YouTube show -- and you can enter a competition to win it.

By 28 August 2013


A new kind of string theory: The physics of playing guitar

A University of Oxford physicist has derived equations that describe how guitar techniques influence the pitch of a note.

By 24 July 2014


A Bluetooth pacifier and more from the best British startups

A Bluetooth binkie and a smartwatch keyboard with only five buttons are among the innovations shown off by UK tech startups vying for a chance to pitch their ideas at Mobile World Congress.

By 7 February 2014


Earthlings unite to confront the asteroid menace

The first meeting of an international group tasked with figuring out how to react to asteroids that threaten our very existence is set for next week.

By 1 February 2014


Roadie Tuner turns those pesky guitar pegs for you

Tune quickly, play more: That's the philosophy behind this smartphone-connected guitar tuner that actually turns the pegs for you.

By 3 December 2013


Why I won't be going back to BlackBerry from iPhone

After using BlackBerry phones for years before switching to an iPhone, I was intrigued to see whether the Z10 could tempt me back. But glitches and a lack of apps left me cold.

By 23 March 2013


How Sprint tests its phones

CNET has often wondered why it takes some phones to go on sale so long after a carrier announces them. A recent visit to Sprint's testing labs gave us the answer.

By 22 July 2011


GAEMS G155 sets your game consoles free

The G155 is a well-thought-out carrying case that fits the Xbox 360 (original and 360 S models), as well as the PlayStation 3 Slim.

By 21 June 2011


Android Atlas Weekly 44: What the heck is a tablet book? (Podcast)

We go hands-on with the weirdest Android phone yet, as Justin Eckhouse and Antuan Goodwin finally decide whether the Kyocera Echo is cool. Sprint delivers ringtones, HTC streams movies, and a tablet winner is declared, all that and more on this week's edition of Android Atlas Weekly.

By 15 April 2011