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Apple faces $118K fine in China for copyright breach

A Beijing court has ordered Apple to compensate three Chinese writers for selling their works via its app store without getting their permission.

By 25 April 2013


Apple hypes largest Asia store yet, as it looks to conquer China

The company talks up its third store in Beijing, as it works to improve its position in China, where it recently saw a decline in the smartphone market.

By 19 October 2012


Uber trials even cheaper ride-sharing service in Beijing

As demand for Uber grows in Beijing, the company has launched a new "People's Uber" ride-sharing service at rates below its own UberX.

By 6 August 2014


Bentley going green wtih Hybrid Concept in Beijing

Luxury automaker Bentley will debut a plug-in hybrid concept based on its Mulsanne model at the Beijing auto show later this month.

By 9 April 2014


Report: Google to leave China on April 10

A Beijing-based newspaper quotes an unidentified sales associate who works with the company as saying an announcement regarding Google's future in the country could be made on Monday.

By 19 March 2010


Google brings Olympics updates to mobile phones

Searches for sports and Olympics-related queries will bring up schedules and results for the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing. The search also works in 35 other languages.

By 9 August 2008


Uber banned in Berlin as officials cite rider safety

With Uber facing issues in Spain, France, and the UK, Germany becomes the latest European country to have its doubts about the car-sharing service.

By 15 August 2014


Xiaomi's global VP Hugo Barra says designing around current products is 'stupid'

In response to claims that the new Mi 4 copied the iPhone, Barra called out a "flawed" patent system for hindering innovation in the market.

By 24 July 2014


Uber launches in Beijing, eyes more growth overseas (Q&A)

As the 4-year-old on-demand car service opens for business in its 100th city, its head of global expansion talks to CNET about what it’s been like to go international.

By 24 April 2014


Second-guessing Elon Musk is turning into an expensive lesson

At this point in his career, Tesla's CEO must be weary of the naysayers. Perhaps Tesla's bang-up fourth quarter will finally change some critics' minds -- nah.

By 20 February 2014