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Oppo BDP-93

The Oppo BDP-93 is a universal disc player with 3D support, which offers excellent video quality, but there are cheaper options out there.

By 23 August 2011

4 stars Editors' rating 23 August 2011

Budget TV resolution rumble: 720p plasma vs. 4K LED LCD

Surely an $1,100 Ultra HD 4K TV can beat out a $500 plasma. Right?

By 24 August 2013


Oppo launches new Blu-ray player

The BDP-103AU from Oppo will replace the award winning flagship model, the BDP-93.

By 16 October 2012


Dayton Audio's almost-too-good-to-be-true Sub-800 subwoofer

It's hard to expect all that much from a $79 subwoofer, but Dayton Audio's Sub-800 is a knockout.

By 13 December 2012


Aperion Audio's gorgeous Verus Grand bookshelf speaker

Aperion's best known for its spectacular home theater speakers, the Audiophiliac scrutinizes a pair of Verus Grand bookshelf speakers.

By 10 December 2012


Hsu Research's overachieving home theater speakers

Hsu's HB-1 MK2 sats and HC-1 MK2 center-channel speaker are big enough to rock the house, but they won't break the bank!

By 2 December 2012


Before you buy a sound bar speaker, read this

Sound bars are an attractive solution for lots of buyers, but are there better-sounding alternatives?

By 18 November 2012


Who 'needs' a receiver with HDMI connectivity? Not you

A new HDMI-equipped receiver may not be the best way to upgrade your home theater sound. Better speakers will make a bigger difference.

By 8 January 2012


Do all Blu-ray (and DVD) players sound the same?

It's a straightforward question, but the answer depends on the rest of your system.

By 11 December 2011


Before you buy a home theater sound bar, read this

A set of MonoPrice's stereo speakers and powered subwoofer together sell for as little as $85, and sound better than many $300 sound bar systems.

By 17 October 2011