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Stolen R2-D2! Help owner find the droid he's looking for

When Chris Bartlett opened his garage door to repair his R2-D2 replica, he was shocked to find it stolen without a trace. No Jawas or Sith Lords are suspected.

By 6 January 2014


PETA: People for the ethical treatment of aliens?

PETA's most recent parody campaign has set its sights on StarCraft: Heart of the Swarm.

By 13 March 2013


Kittens, for science

Need some cheer of the feline variety? Meet the Scientist Kittens.

By 10 September 2012


The holy grail of adhesives?

A gecko-inspired adhesive from a University of Massachusetts research team can hold up to 700 pounds on a sheet the size of an index card.

By 24 March 2012


Angry Netflix subscribers--so, who has a better deal?

We predicted that a lackluster streaming library would get Netflix into trouble, but now that managers have made it more expensive to rent DVDs, the problem is exacerbated.

By 13 July 2011


IBM connects dots for smarter buildings

IBM introduces Intelligent Building Manager software, which makes buildings more energy efficient by analyzing data from office cubes, HVAC systems, and other building hardware.

By 9 June 2011


Researchers in motion--as they move to RIM rival

BlackBerry maker and PlayBook hopeful Research In Motion has recently seen at least five members of its enterprise sales force defect to Apple, a report says.

By 26 November 2010


Project explores human factor in 'smarter cities'

A Boston University-led Smart Neighborhood project is seeking to lower the city's carbon footprint with clean technologies and a healthy dose of community outreach.

By 12 October 2010


Computer glitches in Toyota cars begin to pile up

With Wednesday's recall of the 2003 Sequoia SUV, the Japanese carmaker is dealing with a string of computer-related problems this year.

By 29 April 2010


Web 2.0 Expo: Time to hit refresh?

The dominant conversation at the San Francisco confab was how to innovate and thrive in the new economy. Here's a suggestion: change the way conferences work, too.

By 4 April 2009