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'Crowd Control' contributors

Hundreds helped CNET write a crowdsourced science fiction novel. Many were anonymous, but plenty left their names at the door. Here's a list of those we know pitched in to create a new multiverse.

By 9 May 2016


Stolen R2-D2! Help owner find the droid he's looking for

When Chris Bartlett opened his garage door to repair his R2-D2 replica, he was shocked to find it stolen without a trace. No Jawas or Sith Lords are suspected.

By 6 January 2014


Microsoft recasts legal team for Yahoo bid

Microsoft switches legal counsel for its Yahoo megamerger after the firm it hired, Simpson Thacher & Bartlett, announced a conflict with another client. Other clients include AOL and DoubleClick, for starters.

By 27 February 2008


Time to rethink video competition

Institute for Policy Innovation's Bartlett Cleland says FCC has it partly right and partly wrong when it comes to fostering video competition.

24 May 2007


The Spy Act that loved me?

Policy analyst Bartlett Cleland warns that a patchwork of state spyware laws will end up having the opposite effect desired by proponents.

19 April 2007


Avoiding tech traps for the unwary

Bartlett Cleland, who heads the Center for Technology Freedom, says politicians should learn how technology really works before enacting policy.

2 February 2007


Verizon rejigs finance team

Senior Vice President Tom Bartlett has replaced Bill Heitmann as Verizon's treasurer, as part of a shake-up at the carrier.

By 1 February 2005


Grandstanding on terrorism and tech

IPI Center for Technology Freedom director Bartlett Cleland cautions that zealous policymakers are ignoring the realities of technology in a rush to pass their pet tech projects into law.

9 October 2002


Broadband and narrow thinking

IPI Director Bartlett Cleland warns that if government fails to limit the use of its regulatory hammer, the future growth of the broadband industry will be put in jeopardy.

29 June 2002