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Bad Piggies (iOS)

If you're up for the challenge, Bad Piggies is a fun and interesting departure from Rovio's earlier games. Offering several levels, fun and funny vehicles to build, and recognizable artwork and characters, this game is a sure hit.

By 29 September 2012

4 stars Editors' rating 29 September 2012

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Bernie and Hillary debate juggling in 'Bad Lip Reading' video

Watch Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders argue about ashtrays, baldness and circus acts. The US presidential race is even livelier when the debates are filtered via YouTube series "Bad Lip Reading."

By 23 April 2016


Netflix blames bad press for poor member growth (CNET Update)

Sure, Netflix increased prices, but the company thinks headlines may have caused members to leave.

By 20 July 2016


'Shall I bad stuff?' Read a Harry Potter story written by an algorithm

A guy fed a computer the first four Potter books, but the resulting prose makes about as much sense as one of Ron's mangled spells.

By 15 July 2016


Does technology make you a bad parent?

Inspired by YouTube commenters, one writer takes a long, hard look at his own parenting.

By 6 July 2016


How to tell if your Android phone has the HummingBad malware

HummingBad is bad news. Luckily you can find out if you're affected and do something about it.

By 6 July 2016


Android malware 'HummingBad' infects millions

Security software company Check Point says 10 million Android devices are infected with malware dubbed HummingBad. The malware can gain root access to a device.

By 6 July 2016


VR exclusives are good, Oculus exec says after Valve boss says they're bad

Oculus Head of Content Jason Rubin says funding exclusive games is what's making virtual reality grow.

By 23 June 2016


Tim Cook says unlocking iPhone would be 'bad for America'

In an interview with ABC News, Apple's CEO reiterates that helping the FBI unlock an iPhone linked to a terrorist attack would set a dangerous precedent.

By 25 February 2016


Weed out the good from the bad with our smoke safety buying guide

The pros and cons of three types of devices that hope to keep you informed from afar should your smoke alarm sound.

By 20 April 2016