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Tim Cook hits back at 'chilling' order for iPhone 'backdoor'

Apple's CEO won't comply with an order to crack open the iPhone to help with the investigation of the San Bernardino terror attack. The FBI calls it a matter of national security, but Apple says it will derail privacy.

By 17 February 2016


How to find out if your Mac is infected with Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor

A new piece of malware targeting Macs was discovered this week. It's called Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor and here's everything you need to know about it and keeping your Mac safe.

By 14 July 2016


New Mac malware discovered in the wild installing backdoors

Allowing attackers to hijack systems, the malware comes disguised as a fake file converter available at reputable download sites, Bitdefender warns.

By 7 July 2016


Timeline: A history of encryption and government backdoors (pictures)

George Washington, iPhone, and the history of encryption.

10 Images By 23 March 2016


BlackBerry CEO chides Apple over 'civil responsibility'

Technically Incorrect: John Chen still finds fault with Apple's refusal to unlock a terrorist's iPhone, arguing that companies must pitch in "if the world is in danger."

By 22 July 2016


Kojima was very worried that Death Stranding would leak before E3, says he barely slept

Hideo Kojima even had to use a separate bathroom at E3 so no one would know he was there.

By 14 July 2016


iPhone app can alert you if your device gets hacked

A new app dubbed System and Security Info will scope out your iPhone for potential security threats.

By 11 May 2016


Twitter yanks US spy agencies' access to real-time alerts tool

It's not thrilled by the prospect of US intelligence types using a data miner to rifle through user tweets without limit, according to the Wall Street Journal.

By 10 May 2016


FBI paid less than $1M for iPhone hack -- and doesn't know how it works

Earlier reports suggested the iPhone-unlocking mechanism cost as much as $1.3 million.

By 29 April 2016


Apple's software chief refuses to 'turn back the clock' on iPhone security

Calling digital security an "endless race," Craig Federighi criticizes the FBI for asking Apple to fall behind by building a backdoor into the iPhone.

By 7 March 2016