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Tim Cook hits back at 'chilling' order for iPhone 'backdoor'

Apple's CEO won't comply with an order to crack open the iPhone to help with the investigation of the San Bernardino terror attack. The FBI calls it a matter of national security, but Apple says it will derail privacy.

By 17 February 2016


Timeline: A history of encryption and government backdoors (pictures)

George Washington, iPhone, and the history of encryption.

10 Images By 23 March 2016


FBI paid less than $1M for iPhone hack -- and doesn't know how it works

Earlier reports suggested the iPhone-unlocking mechanism cost as much as $1.3 million.

By 29 April 2016


Apple's software chief refuses to 'turn back the clock' on iPhone security

Calling digital security an "endless race," Craig Federighi criticizes the FBI for asking Apple to fall behind by building a backdoor into the iPhone.

By 7 March 2016


It's Apple vs. the FBI (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy Podcast Ep. 26)

We talk about the far reaching privacy implications with the FBI's backdoor request to Apple, Error 53 gets fixed and Apple TV could be the big winner with the FCC's move to change the cable business.

By 20 February 2016


BlackBerry to leave Pakistan after refusing to ditch user privacy

The Canadian company has taken a stand against demands for "backdoor" access to its services, including encrypted email and messages.

By 1 December 2015


House OKs measure defunding NSA backdoor surveillance

An amendment to the Defense Dept. spending bill prohibits funding for installation of security vulnerabilities in US-made tech equipment.

By 20 June 2014


Microsoft, China clash over Windows 8, backdoor-spying charges

Chinese state-run TV calls Windows 8 a security threat, but Microsoft denies allegations that it uses its OS to collect data from users.

By 6 June 2014


Samsung Galaxy devices may have backdoor to user data, developer says

Developers working on Replicant, an open-source OS based on Android, claim to find a flaw that provides access "to read, write, and delete files" stored on some Samsung devices.

By 14 March 2014


NSA 'secret backdoor' paved way to U.S. phone, e-mail snooping

Revelations in new document leaked by Edward Snowden appear to be at odds with privacy assurances from President Obama and other officials.

By 10 August 2013