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Asus ZenBook UX31

Much like the UX21, the ZenBook UX31 is a beautiful performer trapped in a cage of awful usability. We look forward to Asus' next revision, where it will no doubt refine the experience into a winning product.

By 28 November 2011

3 stars Editors' rating 28 November 2011

Typical price: $1,999.00


Asus Windows 8 lineup brings touchscreens, keyboard docks

Asus has shown off its Windows 8 lineup including the Vivo Tabs, new Zenbooks and the barmy dual-screen Taichi.

By 24 October 2012


Laptops with long battery life 2012

As we review laptops throughout 2012, we'll add their battery life stats here. If battery's the most important thing to you, this is the place to look.

By 23 October 2012


Prizefight: Asus UX31 vs. Apple MacBook Air

In this edition of CNET Prizefight, we compare Apple's 13-inch MacBook Air with the suspiciously similar (but less expensive) Asus Zenbook UX31.

By 9 November 2011


Apple MacBook Air wedge patent bad news for ultrabooks?

Apple's nabbed a patent that for the 'wedge' design of the MacBook Air -- a shape seen on rival ultrabooks.

By 9 June 2012


Sony Vaio T ultrabook announced (in Europe for now)

Sony adds the Vaio T to its line of slim, upscale laptops.

By 3 May 2012


Dell XPS 13: Should we call it the DellBook Air?

Dell's Windows version of Apple's superthin MacBook Air finally materializes in CNET's hands.

By 25 February 2012


Samsung Series 5 ultrabooks surface in Korea

The Samsung Series 5 name has been applied to two powerful new ultrabooks with rather chubby bodies. Will they be enough to challenge Asus' Zenbooks?

By 12 December 2011


MacBook Air vs. the ultrabook alternatives

The MacBook Air has existed without peer for some time — but with the launch of ultrabooks that mantle is finally being challenged. Does the first crop of thin Windows notebooks stack up?

By 12 December 2011


Acer CEO pinning company future on ultrabooks

Acer CEO J.T. Wang says that although his company has suffered losses in two straight quarters, ultrabooks are its ticket back to profitability.

By 9 December 2011