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Sigma 24mm F1.4 DG HSM Art lens

The company adds a 24mm f1.4 to its excellent lens portfolio.

By 10 February 2015

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Editors' Take

Coopers BrewArt

Does Coopers' BrewArt go a little too far to make beer brewing easier?

By 1 July 2016

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Three incredible interactive art displays set to wow Tokyo

The app-enabled interactive art exhibits play with the idea of nature in digital spaces, from kaleidoscopic butterflies to exploding koi.

By 29 July 2016


Retro art for 'Rogue One,' 'Mad Max' almost makes VHS cool again

An artist gives modern movies an '80s makeover by crafting VHS boxes that would look at home on the shelves of any Blockbuster.

By 29 July 2016


Combining tech and art to create a hamster-powered drawing machine

Artist Neil Mendoza explains the inspiration behind his Hamster Powered Hamster Drawing Machine, and why he likes mixing analog and digital art.

By 17 July 2016


Video-game box art we love

Trailers and internet hype are one thing, but there's something to be said about just how excited great box art can make you.

17 Images By 23 June 2016


Museum of Broken Relationships turns heartache into art

What happens to all the shared personal items when couples call it quits? Two artists hope to put leftover lovelorn items on a pedestal for all to see.

By 19 June 2016


Selfie sculpture as public art inflames selfie-haters

A Texas town installs a sculpture of two girls engaged in the common but sometimes divisive activity of taking a selfie. It's not a sign of the end times, but you wouldn't know it from the reaction.

By 7 June 2016


Google's AI art project tickles the ivories in its debut

The 90-second piano melody is the first piece of art released under Project Magenta, an artificial intelligence effort to create original music and visual art.

By 2 June 2016


Big Bang Data exhibition melds big data with big art (pictures)

This collection of artworks explores the relationship between data and the real world. Here's a sneak peek.

16 Images By 21 May 2016