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Facebook lays out blueprint for connecting hard-to-reach rural areas

CEO Mark Zuckerberg's latest tack will be to work with vendors across the world to bring connectivity to rural locations with harsh conditions.

By 7 July 2016


Fallout 4 Far Harbor making of video showcases new area, teases story

Listen to the devs discuss making the new DLC, ahead of its release.

By 19 May 2016


Secure an area rug with Velcro to keep it from sliding around

Keep your kitchen rug in place with some well-placed Velcro.

By 3 December 2015


China limits drone usage in populated areas

The Chinese government will soon launch new regulations that will ban drones being used to deliver goods to densely populated cities and towns.

By 2 December 2015


Coming to an area near you: NBN reveals three-year rollout plan

When will you get the NBN? The company rolling out the nation's broadband network has released a comprehensive list of the suburbs in its sights, detailing construction timelines and the technology it will use.

By 16 October 2015


Uber ups presence in SF Bay Area with buy of building in Oakland

Flush with cash, the ride-hailing company purchases a nearly 400,000-square-foot building in Oakland, California, across the bay from its San Francisco headquarters.

By 24 September 2015


Pokemon Go: Advanced tips from people who play too damn much

You know the basics. Here's how to become a Pokemon Master.

By 28 July 2016


Mysterious purple ocean orb starts to reveal its secrets

Scientists get a closer look at a strange purple sphere found in the ocean and have some ideas about its origins.

By 29 July 2016


Japan issues Pokemon Go safety guide ahead of game's launch

The Japanese government recommends keeping cool under the hot sun and not wandering into dangerous areas.

By 21 July 2016


Hiroshima wants Pokemon Go players to go away

Officials from the Japanese city worry the search for Pikachu could disrupt an annual ceremony remembering victims of the first atomic bomb.

By 28 July 2016