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Ora-S AR Eyewear

At CES 2014, another Google Glass competitor focuses more on augmented reality, less on wearability.

9 January 2014

Pricing not available


Panasonic PT-AR100EA

If you're uninterested in 3D, then the Panasonic PT-AR100EA home-theatre projector is worth a close look — as long as you have a large projection screen and a quality Blu-ray player.

21 March 2012

3 stars Editors' rating 21 March 2012

Typical price: $3,079.00


AR messaging app lets you leave notes in the real world

Traces offers a new way of messaging that allows you to leave digital surprises in real-life locations.

By 6 August 2014

Editors' Take

Panasonic PT-AR100E

We're not so sure about its white plastic body, but the rest of the PT-AR100E package is pretty compelling.

30 November 2011

Typical price: $3,079.00


Edimax nMax AR-7265Wn Wireless 802.11n ADSL2/2+ modem router

Edimax's 802.11n router combines a perfect storm of poor throughput and unfriendly set-up routines to make a modem/router that's incredibly easy to pass by.

19 February 2009

1.5 stars Editors' rating 19 February 2009

Typical price: $175.00


AR prototype makes any surface a touch interface

Augmented reality software designer Metaio has created a system that uses thermal imaging to create a touch interface on any object.

By 28 May 2014


Hudway AR HUD with new voice assist is 'a professional co-driver on your phone'

Hudway, the augmented-reality app that creates a head-up display for driving by reflecting off your windshield, will be updating with voice assist.

By 15 May 2014


Gateway AR-230

With its limited TV-recording options, the bargain-priced AR-230 is best suited for creating archive DVD copies of existing VHS and camcorder videos.

22 December 2003

2.5 stars Editors' rating 22 December 2003

Pricing not available


Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 goes solo with GPS flight

The launch of a new GPS-powered Parrot AR.Drone quadcopter comes good on your biggest spook fantasy: flying autonomously.

By 2 April 2014


Blippar shows real-time object recognition AR for Google Glass

Augmented reality ad company Blippar reveals it has developed an app for Google Glass that enables real-time object recognition AR experiences for the first time.

By 27 February 2014