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Canon develops 120-megapixel APS-H CMOS

There are probably some commercial applications for Canon's (relatively) huge, fast array of tiny, tiny pixels, but I'll be danged if I can come up with them.

By 25 August 2010


The $99 Amazon Prime arrives, with questions in tow

The advantage of Amazon’s subscription service is the convenience of getting your products in two days. CNET takes a look at whether or not it's worth it.

By 16 April 2014


Edgertronic: the affordable high-speed camera

Other high-speed cameras can have asking prices in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Edgertronic achieves a similar effect for just US$5000.

By 25 February 2014


Digital camera buying guide

The most important things to know when shopping for a camera.

By 28 November 2013


Camera buying guide

The most important things to know when shopping for a camera.

By 5 October 2013


Amazing full moon rising video shot at 1300mm

Photographer Mark Gee has captured some beautiful footage of a full moon rising over New Zealand, showing the silhouettes of observers in its wake.

By 1 February 2013


New Leica shoots the world in black and white

Among a host of pricey new products announced today, Leica introduced a monochrome-only version of its M-series rangefinder body.

By 11 May 2012


Canon 5D Mark III underwhelms on sensor test

It's Canon's top-scoring model on DxO Labs' image sensor test, but it's not much better than its 3-year-old predecessor, and it trails Nikon's D800.

By 19 April 2012


Pentax reveals high-end, compact K-01 camera

The compact camera has a mirrorless design that can use Pentax's K mount SLR lenses, has a relatively large sensor, and costs $900 with a fast 40mm lens.

By 2 February 2012


Canon supersizes G series sensor

With a new model entering the top of its enthusiast compact camera line, Canon introduces the largest sensor available in that market segment.

By 10 January 2012