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Apple Maps

Apple Maps now has functional turn-by-turn navigation and gorgeous 3D Flyover features, but lack of public transit directions, shoddy details on maps, and distorted 3D views in some areas make this app mostly unusable until there's an update.

By 26 September 2012

2.5 stars Editors' rating 26 September 2012

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Force iOS 8 to use Google Maps

With iOS 8, Apple makes it easier to navigate using alternatives to Apple Maps.

By 15 October 2014


iPhone and iPad get Nokia maps app, called Here

After the disaster of Apple Maps, Nokia is bringing a maps app to the iPad and iPhone.

By 14 November 2012


Low Latency No. 39: Page-by-page directions

This week Low Latency gets lost in the Apple Maps controversy.

By 5 October 2012


Consumer Reports checks out Apple Maps, and isn't happy

The consumer ratings organization concludes that the Apple Maps navigation app for iPhone "disappoints."

By 25 September 2012


Five free and mostly free iPhone navigation apps

Not content with the new Apple Maps? Try one of these five navigation apps for the iPhone.

By 21 September 2012


iOS 6

The transition to Apple Maps is rough, but new features and a ton of tiny tweaks make iOS 6 a must-have update.

By 19 September 2012

4 stars Editors' rating 19 September 2012

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How to force iOS 8 to use third-party maps

Don't want Apple Maps to navigate you? Here's how to "opt out" in iOS 8.

By 4 October 2014


Scout by Telenav

Scout offers a better feature set, including excellent help for daily commuters, than either Google Maps or Apple Maps, with similarly good route guidance.

By 8 July 2014

4 stars Editors' rating 8 July 2014

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Apple had a map mishap? Nokia must mock it

Apple maps leading drivers onto an Alaskan airport taxiway is too much for Nokia's mocking tweeters to resist.

By 27 September 2013