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Apple explores 30 years of the Mac with video shot via iPhones

Apple recruits 15 film crews armed with 100 iPhones to shoot footage of the Mac in action around the world in just one day.

By 4 February 2014


Apple refunds 8-year-old's £4,000 bill for in-app purchases

Apple has agreed to refund one father from Somerset, after his daughter racked up a huge bill through in-app purchases.

By 21 July 2013


Apple celebrates 10 years of iTunes

The company posts a new feature on its iTunes store, celebrating the platform's history and discussing how it has grown over the years.

By 25 April 2013


New images of Steve Jobs during Apple founder's early years

Previously unseen photographs of the legendary tech leader were kept under wraps after Steve Jobs had change of heart.

By 11 September 2012


No new Apple TV this year, report says

Bloomberg claims Apple's troubles with cable companies and media giants are pushing back its schedule for a new Apple TV.

By 6 September 2012


Wickr -- an iPhone encryption app a 3-year-old can use

Free app encrypts text, voice, and video messages and leaves no trace on servers or even the device.

By 28 June 2012


Apple is 10 years behind Microsoft in security says expert

After the Flashback malware attack on Mac computers, antivirus mogul Eugene Kaspersky tells Apple: "Welcome to Microsoft's world."

By 27 April 2012


Ex-Apple engineer: Jobs rejected new Apple TV 5 years ago

An engineer who once worked on the Apple TV set-top box has said Steve Jobs rejected the new UI five years ago.

By 25 March 2012


Apple names Instagram iPhone App of the Year

The photo-sharing camera app gets the nod from Apple as iPhone's app of the year.

By 9 December 2011


Serial podcast, Lego movie, Beyonce rule Best of iTunes 2014

Which have been the year's best apps, songs, movies, TV shows and books on iTunes? Apple chimes in with its favorites, and it won't surprise those hooked on Serial.

By 9 December 2014