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Tech Time Machine: 11 April

This day in history sees the launch of both the Apple I computer and the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission to the moon.

By 11 April 2012


Stratospheric bid grabs Apollo joystick at auction

Also sold: Buzz Aldrin's Apollo 11 glove and a backpack strap carried during both of Charles Conrad's Apollo 12 moonwalks.

By 24 May 2014


Neil Armstrong's moon walk EKG reading up for auction

Astronaut Neil Armstrong's EKG reading from the moment he first stepped on the moon is going up for auction along with some other interesting space memorabilia, including Buzz Aldrin's space onesie.

By 7 May 2013


Neil Armstrong memorial on September 13 to be livestreamed

The nation will have a chance to say goodbye to the iconic astronaut in a public service that will be streamed on NASA's Web site, as well as the cathedral's site.

By 6 September 2012


Google photos celebrate Kennedy Space Center's 50th birthday

Google is honoring a half-century of the Space Center with photos of the space shuttles, an Apollo command module, and the top of a launch pad.

By 3 August 2012


The speech Nixon had prepped for an Apollo 11 disaster

In the event the manned mission to the moon ended in disaster, President Nixon's chief speechwriter prepared a solemn text for his boss. Thankfully, he never delivered it.

By 28 August 2012


Armstrong remembered for quiet dignity after 'giant leap'

Washington dignitaries, NASA leaders, astronauts, and members of the public bid farewell to Neil Armstrong today, honoring a man who lived up to the billing of "national hero."

By 14 September 2012


Library of Congress archive celebrates Sagan, of 'Cosmos'

Now billions of people on our "Pale Blue Dot" can take a look at the historical letters, studies, and musings of pioneering space scientist Carl Sagan.

By 14 November 2013


Resources to help you commemorate Apollo 11

Apollo 11's 40th anniversary is this week, so we've taken a look at several sites that will help you remember and honor the historic event.

By 14 July 2009


Check out NASA's Kennedy Space Center on Street View

Not content with bringing us depictions of Antarctica and oceans around the world, Google has added a tour of NASA's Kennedy Space Center.

By 3 August 2012