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AOL uncloaks anti-spyware software

America Online announces the addition of anti-spyware software as part of future upgrades to its flagship online service.

By 7 January 2004


Telstra warns of four-fold increase in imposter phone scams

​Telstra says it has seen a huge increase in telephone scams involving imposter employees tricking customers into disclosing their information.

By 19 August 2014


'60 Minutes': What's next for the Conficker worm?

A report on the CBS News television news program examines one of the Internet's most dangerous computer worms.

By 30 March 2009


The Lenovo S10 Netbook is here, count me in

Netbooks are almost cheap enough to be an impulse buy. This may not be a good time to invest in Apple stock.

By 10 October 2008


The pillars of Defensive Computing

A cheat sheet for defensive computing.

By 21 April 2008


Make your PC boot faster with Startup Delayer

A must-have for Windows users, Startup Delayer lets you designate various startup programs to run later so your machine boots faster.

By 11 April 2008


Windows XP vs. Vista vs. Linux

Change is in the air for operating systems

By 26 March 2008


More FUD for Windows Vista

Microsoft demonstrates that an ancient computer running Windows XP SP1 with no protection at all can be hacked. Stop the presses.

By 16 November 2007


Microsoft exec calls XP hack 'frightening'

In a matter of minutes, e-crime experts hack into a Windows XP computer that is unprotected and connected to an unsecured wireless network.

By 14 November 2007


Is Linux right for your mother?

Is Linux right for your mother?

By 7 October 2007