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Facebook battles phishing by reaching out to users

In an effort to protect users and curb phishing, the social network gives users a select e-mail address to send reports of the illegal practice.

By 10 August 2012


Legal, regulatory risks keep firms from sharing cyber threat data

A new report suggests that companies should be protected from threat of lawsuit or regulation enforcement if they are sharing cyber security threat information with the government.

By 19 July 2012


Microsoft page says IE more secure than rival browsers

A new Microsoft page that tests browser security has not surprisingly dubbed IE9 as the most secure browser, with rivals Firefox and Google Chrome not scoring as well.

By 13 October 2011


Arrests in Spain don't mean Sony's troubles are over

Spanish police arrest three people in connection with PlayStation Network breach. But given the nature of loosely organized hacking groups and the state of Sony's Web security, the company still has work to do.

By 11 June 2011


Keeping the masses safe on the Internet

Coalition of U.S. government agencies, tech companies, and organizations is launching first-ever public service campaign aimed at getting people to be more careful online.

By 7 October 2010


How to recognize phishing e-mails

Phishing attacks have spiked this year, recent reports show. Here's a primer on what phishing is and how to avoid it.

By 17 November 2009


Web site-based crimeware hits all-time high

The number of Web sites with hidden code for stealing passwords nearly tripled in the past year, as cybercriminals targeted legitimate sites for their cybertheft, according to new report.

By 11 December 2008


We need to monitor information security grifters, too

People who try to capitalize on a false sense of insecurity only further damage the state of Internet security.

By 12 December 2008


Turkish police may have beaten encryption key out of TJ Maxx suspect

When criminals turn to disk encryption to hide the evidence of their crimes, law enforcement investigations can hit a brick wall. Where digital forensics software has failed to recover encryption passwords, one tried and true technique remains: violence.

By 25 October 2008


Can start-up Wired Trust build a Web 2.0 safety net?

A group of Internet safety experts plans to announce a new start-up aimed at helping social networks provide safer Web 2.0 environments for kids and adults.

By 13 May 2008