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Antarctic research robot accidentally discovers upside-down ice-dwelling anemone

A research robot deployed for its first ever routine test run discovered a new species of anemone growing upside down in the Antarctic ice.

By 20 January 2014


Icefin robot: Today, exploring Antarctica's depths. Tomorrow, Jupiter's moon?

As part of a NASA-funded program, a needle-like robotic vehicle is plunging the icy depths at our planet's poles. Jupiter's moon Europa could be next.

By 4 April 2015


Underwater robot reveals the mysteries of Antarctic ice

An underwater robot has been used to produce the first detailed, high-resolution 3D maps of Antarctic sea ice.

By 25 November 2014


See how a jellyfish stings in microscopic slo-mo

Forget Shark Week. The box jellyfish is way more dangerous, and its mechanism for injecting venom can only be witnessed with a microscope.

By 19 August 2014


Check out this high-tech bed -- it has a TV, speakers... and an app

If James Bond could actually commit himself to just one woman, he'd probably sleep with her in this high-end bed with an integrated Bang & Olufsen television and sound system.

By 30 August 2012


My amazing movie (and my not-so-amazing iMovie)

I'm beginning to understand why most camcorder footage never sees the dark of the editing suite, let alone the bright lights of the living-room premiere

By 17 March 2007


The wars of the tidal worlds

For those about to sting another anemone, we salute you. A look into the secret, volatile life of tide pool inhabitants.

By 26 August 2005