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We review a lot of TVs here at CNET, but the list below represents only the best.


Analogue TV signal to be switched off tonight in London

The ancient analogue TV signal is being finally switched off tonight across London, heralding a new era of digital transmission brilliance.

By 18 April 2012


CNET UK Podcast 284: What's on your TV?

Analogue television is no more after the digital switchover. We discuss how we watch TV in the age of boxsets, Netflix and smart TVs.

By 20 April 2012


Ceefax says goodnight as digital switchover makes way for 4G

We bid a fond farewell to BBC Ceefax, the world's first teletext service, as the analogue TV signal makes way for 4G.

By 24 October 2012


Analogue Nt breathes gorgeous new life into the NES

Gaming company Analogue Interactive has brought an entirely re-engineered NES/Famicom system to life in a stunning precision-crafted body.

By 13 March 2014


This aluminum NES beauty is a $500 love letter to retro gaming

The Analogue Nt may be the most beautifully designed NES game console ever. For $500, all the retro gaming in this aesthetic wonder can be yours.

By 6 May 2014


TVonics MFR-300: Tiny Freeview receiver for old TVs

If you have older, analogue TVs that you still love, and want to continue using, TVonics has a device that will turn them into digital TVs, even if they don't have a Scart socket

By 2 July 2008


Analogue spectrum sale: Anyone want to go twos-up?

Sick of TV? Good news -- we can start our own TV channel and fill it with filth and Ian Morris. All we'll need is millions of pounds, and a piece of the old analogue TV spectrum

By 11 June 2008


Crave Talk: Hi-def TV will lose out to mobile services

If you thought the analogue switch-off would bring high-definition television to Freeview, then you're sadly mistaken, because the government wants to make a quick buck instead

By 22 May 2007

Editors' Take

Samsung Wireless Gamepad

Fed up with your stupid fingers getting in the way of your games? Samsung's new Bluetooth Gamepad gets your digits out of the way -- and works with any Android phone.

26 February 2014

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ViewSonic N4060W LCD TV

The ViewSonic N4060W is a 40” (102cm) HD-ready LCD TV that offers great value for money and loads of video connectors, despite being hobbled by an analogue tuner and some image quality issues.

28 December 2005

0 stars Editors' rating 28 December 2005

Typical price: $4,399.00