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Analog TV fully switched off by 10 December

Sydney switches to digital TV signals tomorrow, with Melbourne and some regional areas following next week.

By 2 December 2013


Southern and central NSW waves analog TV farewell

Some residents in southern and central NSW may have returned home, only to be shocked when they switched their TVs on last night.

By 6 June 2012


When will analog TV be turned off in my area?

The day is slowly approaching when analog free-to-air terrestrial TV broadcasts will become a faint memory, like Betamax and Bakelite. The question is: when will the TV stations in your home town switch off their analog transmissions and become digital only?

By 14 May 2012


DTV transition update: New York City TV goes post-analog

CNET provides a quick status of which analog stations have--and have not--already dropped off the map. Let us know how the transition is going in your area.

By 16 June 2009


Death of an analog TV

Greenpeace is predicting a spike in electronic waste as the U.S. shifts to digital television. CNET News follows a TV as it gets recycled and offers guidance on what to consider when getting rid of an old TV.

9 June 2009


Analog shut off test darkens New York TV stations for 2 minutes

New York City TV stations temporarily switched off their analog antenna feeds today, previewing what's scheduled to happen permanently in February 2009.

By 29 October 2008


3 million analog viewers will let TVs go dark

A survey by ABI Research finds that 20 percent of TV viewers--3 million Americans--who rely on analog over-the-air reception will let their sets go "dark" in February.

By 23 October 2008


Best Buy challenges FCC over analog TV sales penalty

The retailer contends the FCC has no power to fine it for selling unlabeled analog TVs after the commission's deadline.

By 20 May 2008


Report: N.C. town to switch off analog TV early

Federal regulators are expected to announce that Wilmington, N.C., has volunteered to switch to all-digital broadcasts early as a last-minute "test" before the bigger February 2009 transition.

By 8 May 2008


March 1: The beginning of the end for analog TV

As of March 1, 2007, all new TV and video products imported into the U.S. or shipped to retailers that include an analog (NTSC) tuner need to have a digital (ATSC) tuner as well. What does that mean to consumers?

By 10 February 2007