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Sony never considered always online for PS4

In an interview with Game Informer, Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony's Worldwide Studios, revealed that an always-online console was never an option for the next-gen PlayStation.

By 8 May 2013


The Sims 4 won't be always online like SimCity, due in 2014

Publisher EA is wisely ditching the obligatory Internet connection for the next Sims game, which is out next year.

By 7 May 2013


Microsoft exec can't see the problem with always online Xbox

Microsoft Game Studios creative director Adam Orth started a Twitter storm when he said he didn't "get the drama" about always-on devices.

By 5 April 2013


Angry Birds Epic: fun, but heavy on the IAP

Angry Birds Epic has some fun gameplay that is hobbled by prohibitive IAP and an always-online requirement.

By 21 March 2014


Xbox One update out now, fixes multiplayer and SmartGlass

The update rolled out to always-online consoles at 1am UK time this morning, and fixes a bunch of minor bugs.

By 11 December 2013


Utilities Updates: Youpi Key; Xupport; NotifyMail X; AlwaysONline; Password Retriever; Apache; more

Utilities Updates: Youpi Key; Xupport; NotifyMail X; AlwaysONline; Password Retriever; Apache; more

By 4 October 2002


Fable Legends pops up as online Xbox One exclusive

Developed by Lionhead Studios, the newest installment in the fantasy franchise, is called Fable Legends, and takes place in an always-online world.

By 20 August 2013


Xbox's Adam Orth leaves Microsoft

In the wake of Adam Orth's remarks that gamers should just "deal with" always online, the creative director is no longer working at Microsoft, and his Twitter account has been switched to private.

By 11 April 2013


EA admits SimCity could have had offline play

After SimCity's ignominious launch and the outcry over the buggy always-online model, Maxis head Lucy Bradshaw has admitted that the game could have run offline.

By 19 March 2013


SimCity server woes: Can UK gamers get a refund?

The always-online SimCity's server woes continue -- we ask if gamers who've downloaded the game can get a refund.

By 9 March 2013